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Hot For Student

Date: 7-Aug-2007/15:35+3:00

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Characters: teacher, me

I was in a classroom environment and the teacher was asking me some follow-up information about assignments. It was the end of a school term of some sort, and she ran down a list of things I needed. At the end of the list she hit on me.
teacher: "You're very interesting, I'd like to take you out to lunch sometime, or maybe we could go to a nightclub."
I had a gut reaction like "whoa, inappropriate"! But I was diplomatic.
me: "Well, let's look at one thing at a time. What assignments are missing?"
After a bit of fumbling around and being rather incompetent at getting the information I needed, losing sheets of paper, picking up the wrong one...I apologized for my clumsiness. Then I snapped to lucidity.
me: "Well, I'm doing rather well considering that I'm asleep. Do you know what I mean?"
teacher: "Yes."
me: "Well, I mean that I have another life I live in addition to this one. Like, when I wake up from here, I'm going to be in a whole different world. As a fully grown adult. I'm 32."
teacher: "Oh. Really?"
me: "Yes."
I addressed the whole class.
me: "Do any of you have that situation?"
No one in the room did.
me: "I'd appreciate it if you could take me rather immediately to someone who specializes in medicine. I would like the ability to study this world in more detail, and if I don't receive some kind of treatment I will wake up soon."
When I said I'd like to study the world in more detail, I held up my fingers to make a pinhole camera and tried to look through it...as the world was kind of blurry, and I was curious if this device would increase the clarity. It didn't help one bit, and I awoke.
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