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Drinking Straw Blowing Competitions

Date: 5-Aug-2007/15:42+3:00

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Characters: girl

I was in a competition where you had to blow a drinking-straw wrapper high in the air (by tearing off the paper at the bottom, and blowing through the straw). To qualify for the contest, you had to donate a bunch of candy to charity and place it in a large grey trash bin. I only had enough to get one straw, which I shot as far as I could and it hit the second target.
girl: "Wow, congratulations! That was a great shot. Unfortunately, not enough to win a prize..."
Believing myself to be awake, I began searching to try and find information on the internet about these straw-blowing competitions. Finding several pages on the topic, I believed I had the necessary information to know where the dream had taken place. But the web browser decayed into a drawer, with a lot of objects in it, including an envelope and some 3 and 4 cent stamps.
I stuffed some random items from the drawer into the envelope, and wrote my name and address on it. Then I started sticking all the stamps I could find on it. It felt a bit like something was trying to claw up my body, but I ignored it and made my way out to the front of the house I was in.
Putting the mail into the mailbox, I shut it, and raised the "Mailbox contains mail" red flag. After a little victory-dance, the environment around me started to play like a movie in fast-forward. The mailman wouldn't take the letter, and the box was sealed shut. Suddenly the mail service started delivering packages of trivial pursuit cards--an unstoppable amount of them--which bricked in the house and created a giant wall around it.
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