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Avoid GeneX at All Costs

Date: 19-Jan-2009/10:27+3:00

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Characters: me, being, someone, person, younger guy, older guy, voice

I was in an uncomfortable situation of attacks and fighting that had taken on somewhat demonic overtones, including the face of someone I know being distorted into something horrific like a Chucky doll. Since I was losing the fight despite willfully trying some of my new pinch-then-twist-and-pull techniques, I decided to call for help.
me: "I call upon the name of Jesus Christ, my savior and protector, to help and guide me!"
Note As I've previously mentioned, I don't particularly identify with the Christian faith. Although aspects of it have come to resonate more with me as time has gone on. Still, the Bible as a book has seemed to me like a mishmash of some things that were probably very novel ideas for the time...mixed with some unclear storytelling.
The room began to spin and reconfigure into an arrangement of slick tan and brown tiles, that flipped and came forward to me as a platform to stand on. The room became somewhat Cathedral-like, and a being with a nearly cylindrical head wearing a straw sombrero faced me.
His head was smooth and the texture of his head reminded me of certain giant jawbreakers that are white with very light spatters of color...like a Jackson Pollack painting:
...yet there were no eyes or nose, only a moving square mouth that would open and close.
me: "Hello! Help! What should I do?!"
being: "For starters, I'd suggest you sit down and read the KJB."
me: "Wait, you mean, the... Bible?"
being: "Right."
Note Despite getting letters I didn't understand, I understood from context he meant the Bible. I actually heard it a bit ambiguously as perhaps being "KGB", but upon awakening "KJB" makes fine sense for "King James Bible". Though KJB's top 2 Google hits are for some firm that sells security products, a lot of the rest are used to mean King James Bible apparently.
me: "I've read it in a somewhat cursory fashion. I mean, I can't quote it or anything. If there's something of real use in there I don't think I'd see it by reading it again."
being: "Well, it's the context you're in, so it's quite relevant."
me: "I'm not trying to be too impatient with life, yet I'm looking for answers. There's a lot of stress in seeing things like this that run at odds with what my science knows about life. I mean...aging is a disease basically, and I feel that if more people in the world were working on fixing it then that and a ton of other problems would have been fixed by now with all the bazillions of man-years that have gone into producing our society. Guess I don't have proof, but it's a pretty strong feeling I have."
being: "Of course that's solved, but that's not necessarily a good thing. Take for instance Genex! Woe to you if they ever get your information."
me: "Gen-X?"
being: "Remember that name and stay away at all costs."
Although many companies that do things ranging from inseminating livestock to web design have the name "Genex", there is a project called "GeneX" which is an open source gene database:
The GeneX(tm) project is intended to provide an Open Source database and integrated tool set that will allow researchers to store and evaluate their gene expression data and, moreover, such evaluation will be independent of the technology used to obtain the data.
...which seems like perhaps a more relevant hit.
me: "Well who are you?"
being: (pausing, hemming, and hawing) "In the scheme of things, I suppose I'm just yet-another-fragment. Like you."
I got a little bit disoriented in trying to follow him and navigated off to the side, where someone began to talk to me.
someone: "Oh, so did he let you roll the dice?"
me: "Um. I remember rolling... dice, but it wasn't here, a previous dream I think."
Note I went to a party recently in which rolling a die was involved--that's probably what I was thinking back to.
person: "Ah well then you must not be ready for a test yet. If you roll the dice and he gives you a chip, then you're ready."
At this point I had an odd vision of a casino-type environment, where a chip was being drawn from a stack. The chips had striped edges and were neatly arranged into piles so that the stripes on the edges lined up with the other chips of the same color.
Somewhere in the vicinity of this conversation I was handed a small square object that at first seemed a bit like a sugar packet. The edges had that ridged ruffle nature that seemed like they involved sealing. It had gold lettering on it, but the text hit the sides of the packet. So I started unfolding it, and saw there were transparent portions. It had information which seemed like the moral equivalent of "Printed in China" (though not that) as well as some numbers... the text on the transparent portion was tiny and white and seemed a bit like an expiration date.
Locating the old man / being I'd spoken to before, he was seated at a table in a kitchen-type environment and talking to a younger guy. I tried to read the wrapper to him.
me: "In recognition of your profound advancement, we wish to... uh... what's the rest of it say?"
younger guy: (grumbling) "It says that if your personal data actually gets to them, your application will be personally processed by Hitler."
The guy pointed to a part on the object which dealt with something about sending personal information. Using a marker of some kind he dabbed into a blank white corner on the object, and a little red grid showed up.
me: "Wait, what was that in the corner? What did that mean?"
younger guy: "It means as long as you give this thing to us and we burn it, you'll be protected."
They started talking to each other, but I felt impatient due to feeling like I was going to wake up.
me: "I hate to interrupt, really, but... I was told something about dice... and a test... and..."
younger guy: (irked) "Wait, wait."
older guy: "No, he has something to say, let him say it."
me: (to younger guy) "I'm sorry, I'm not usually this annoying and freak out when someone isn't talking directly to me. It's very specific to dreams, and it comes from the fact that I don't have very much time and want to get some kind of important information. I'm actually quite capable of sitting down and listening or reading, went to school for many years and it was pretty much a one-way thing where I listened and did assignments and such. Look, I'll demonstrate."
I rummaged under the table and found an available stool, and sat. Then I looked at them.
The second guy responded by reaching over to a metal utensil of some kind, and dropped it onto a plate so that it made a rattling noise as it settled.
Note The noise was resonant, like the late phases of a spinning coin where the pitch starts to get higher as its spin is about to run out and the coin is laying increasingly flat on the surface.
This broke my focus and I woke up--though not all the way. I was immobile in some kind of outdoor environment that was sandy and had trees.
me: "Well what was the point of that?"
voice: "The point is that regardless of your desires, you can't at this phase be around too many other minds. The slightest distraction sends you spinning."
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