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Twelve Lives to Live

Date: 31-Aug-2008/9:51+3:00

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Characters: me, short man, tall man, driver, someone, woman, blue, person

There was a long segment of a lucid dream I couldn't remember, but it concluded with me talking with two men outdoors at an urban picnic table. One was tall and the other was short. There were a couple of small paintings on the table in a stack.
me: "That's interesting, but I really need you to focus on relating this world to the one I experience while awake? What's the connection?"
short man: "This is really a discussion we should be having at lunch."
me: "I probably won't be here at lunch, I'll probably only have another minute!"
tall man: "What he meant to say is that it needs to be talked about at a table with lots of people, not just us and you."
We started walking into an indoor type of condominum.
tall man: "A lot of people find out that decisions you thought were the wrong ones actually turned out to be right."
me: "Well what is an example?"
short man: "An example of what?"
me: "One of those situations. A story from someone's life about a decision you thought was wrong that actually turned out to be right?"
short man: "The women you date."
me: "How does that matter?"
tall man: "Such choices matter a lot, it's about your center."
me: "Well, is there a hell?"
tall man: "Oh certainly!"
me: "Why would that be necessary?"
tall man: "It's not... well maybe not hell in the sense you are thinking. Perhaps you can think of it more as an aqualung."
Note Aqualung refers to scuba equipment, I'm not sure what he meant in this context.
We had come into the company of others in a nice living room. They led me over to a window or screen on the wall, through which I could see dark swirling outsides. Everything was gray and misty, and I could see silhouetted witches on broomsticks flying by. We got into some kind of clear box, reminding me of the Great Glass Elevator from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It went flying out, erratically.
me: "Whoa! This is making me queasy, I'd prefer it if you didn't make it drop so fast."
driver: (chuckling) "Yes that happens, always has."
me: "Does it happen to you guys?"
someone: "No, not at all."
me: "Why not? Are you biological? Digital?"
I noticed the rods that were coming together to form the corner I was huddling in looked like they were going to come apart.
me: "The corner of this thing seems like it's going to break. And I'm going to have one hell of a fall if it does. How many times can one die?"
woman: "Twelve. And then you are taken to the care division for assessment. You can usually get renewed with your employer, if you die."
Either they didn't understand my question or didn't answer it. At some point we landed and I was walking through hallways. A woman in blue with a clipboard walked into the room. The badge said she was with "care division".
blue: "I'm looking for a mirror."
me: "That...might be me?"
I started mimicing the reverse of things she did. She was amused for a moment and then walked off. Then I saw person had many signs on them, handwritten on paper. They were obese and a bit disheveled. The hat said "The Record Room" and others said things like "This woman is not a man".
me: "Excuse me, are you from the record room?"
person: "What's that question for?"
me: "Well, you might be illiterate and someone could have put a lot of signs on you that you can't read which say you're from the Record Room."
person: "That's a good point."
me: "I'd like to see some records. Can you take me there?"
person: "Get on that elevator and follow the man in the gray shirt, he'll take you there."
me: "Thank you. I will look, assuming I don't...y'know, pass out or fall down dead in the next 3 seconds."
I did.
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