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Don't Worry Pluto, I'm Not a Planet Either

Date: 31-Aug-2008/7:12+3:00

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Characters: me, him, voice, girl, her

I was reading something about Pluto's de-classifcation as a planet. It was actually a more broad range of things that were being removed. All space object classes less than 10 meters in width were being removed.
Somehow I was floating in space and passing Pluto, which was in this case only 10 meters wide. It wasn't a planet, it was a crystalline shaped mechanical object. It began to spin and morph, and as it did my body began to be in pain. I became more lucid as I floated near a kind of space station.
My instincts told me I had a light saber, so I pulled one out. There was some kind of sign or logo that said "Kill All Shapeshifters". Using the light saber I cut a hole into the side of the space station, but then realized there was a door. This led to me fighting several people who were trying to kill me with green lightsabers (mine was red)...but I fended them off using an odd mix of slicing them up and telekinesis.
Finally I met a large Samoan-seeming guy who was too tough to be harmed with either technique. He started trying to inflict real pain on me.
me: "Ow!"
him: "Oh we're just getting started!"
me: "Okay, stop. I don't really want to fight, I'm just fighting because I was attacked. I give up."
him: "You can't give up!"
me: "Yes I can. Here I go."
I invoked my reflex to wake up. When I did, I was looking at a flat screen which had the guy who I'd been fighting on it. On screen facing me, he shot at me with some kind of gun, and I somehow vaguely felt it as he laughed.
him: (on screen) "Good night!"
Surveying the room I was in, there were a lot of bunk beds. I felt like I was floating, and, the screen I had been looking at was on the ceiling.
me: "This place... it looks... very..."
voice: "Nerdy?"
me: "Yes, and it's like a summer camp or something. Or it's underground."
As I gained my bearings and became able to walk, I started to fear I was trapped in a bunker of some kind. But I walked to a window and saw an ordinary enough suburban view out of it--I was on the second floor.
me: "This doesn't look much like the future."
voice: "We don't like to use the future to describe this, that's a word we use for other things."
Note I had a vague notion that at some point I had gone to a menu and downgraded something from 'future' to 'contemporary', it could have been another dream entirely.
Wandering into a dining room type area, I encountered a girl who may or may not have been the source of the voice. She was wearing a tank top.
me: "Okay what is going on here? That thing with the lightsabers, is that a video game? How did I get into it or out of it? My ordinary life isn't like this, have I swapped bodies with someone who plays the game? Or do I play the game and get brain damaged to where I don't remember things?"
girl: "Oh, then you've got it too. Same thing happened to my friend. It's that game."
me: "What game?"
her: "Dark Earth."
Note This is the second instance of Dark Earth. The first was when someone approached me as a representative who was to speak with me about being from a Dark Earth Colony.
me: "Okay, I've 'got it too', well how do I stop it?"
girl: "Stop playing the game. Then it stops."
We moved into a computer lab. I saw a few white MacBooks, but there were hundreds of rows of black computers and people sitting at them.
me: "The technology, the immersion for the game... how does that work?"
girl: "You look at the screen and you run the program, it's called Time Machine."
me: "Time Machine? That's what they called the backup software for OS/X."
girl: "Yes, that's something I heard about, interesting."
We walked up to a computer that had a piece of masking tape on its screen and she tapped on it for a second. Its machine name was something like jurass.
me: "Why the big lab? Can't everyone have their own computer?"
her: "We don't like it that way. We prefer the hustle and bustle."
There was a police officer who passed me as I faded and started to wake up.
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