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Dark Earth Colony

Date: 17-Mar-2007/18:57+3:00

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Characters: girl, me, her, asian man, him

I was at a strange theme restaurant where Muppets were performing. The music was a little sloppy, and the host Muppet was very critical of the performers. I was concerned about the fact that I had come in to watch the show but hadn't ordered anything, but people I talked to were critical of the food--saying that although there were many options, nothing was very good.
I was holding a cup of coffee and attempting to put on several jackets, when a girl started scolding me.
girl: "Be careful! You can't spill that coffee here, it will go into a drainage spout that can only handle Jose Cuervo."
We chatted a little, and as I became more aware that it was a dream the chat evolved into words on a piece of notebook paper. I could scribble on the paper what I wanted to say, and more notes from her would come up in response. Somehow my view switched to looking her up on Myspace.
Note This Myspace homepage was strange, because search was the first thing you did--like Google. Currently you have to go Search->By Email Address. But searching by email address was on the front page.
When her page came up I noted that it said she was in a relationship. I clicked on the profile she'd designated as her partner, and saw who it was. I browsed his page and he seemed like an ok guy. I opened a chat window with her.
me: "Hey there! I'm reading about you, right now! :)"
her: "Are you at home?"
As soon as I got her response, I started hearing a certain pattern of beeps. Suddenly I became a bit paranoid about giving away my location. Realizing I was on a bed with a laptop, I felt an extreme discomfort as the beeps closed in on me. Somehow I had the knowledge that I could feel electromagnetic fields. As I panicked, I snapped into a conversation with a strange looking Asian man.
me: "What is GOING ON?"
asian man: "I've been sent as a representative to speak with you."
me: "Well what am I supposed to do? What are you going to tell me? What have you told the others like me?"
asian man: "Honestly, I don't know any others. And I only transferred to this department recently."
me: "Why would I be the only one who experiences this?"
him: "You're a Dark Earth colony."
Our conversation was interrupted when the Asian man got in a confrontation with someone else. Guns were involved, but I somehow confiscated all the guns and hid them, as if I had more power than anyone else in the conversation.
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