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Virtual Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Date: 6-Dec-2004/15:21+3:00

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Characters: someone, me

Believing myself to be awake in bed, I was staring at the ceiling and decided to roll over. When I did, I felt my body vibrating and realized that though I had something of a sensation of signaling to roll over--I had not. Making a motion of putting my hands over my eyes, everything went dark. Peeking through my fingers I saw strange kaleidoscope shapes.
Gaining a dream body, I jumped up from the second floor of my apartment to the first. Not knowing what to do, I opened the refrigerator. It was mostly empty except for a sloppy pot filled with red goo. Suddenly I fell through the floor, into a well-lit system of underground tunnels. The walls were barren except for tons of numbers.
People were zipping through the tunnel and I felt a little afraid at first, but no one attacked me. I began to levitate, and ran into people I knew. Someone stopped me.
someone: "I'm really sorry about making that commercial."
me: (confused) "Uh...that's...okay?"
Awakening from that, I was feeling hungry and crawled out of bed for some cereal. I found a box of Post 10-bran, with 10 different sorts of bran. Unsatisfied I decided I wanted some Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and when it materialized out of thin air I realized I wasn't yet awake. For the sake of novelty, I decided to eat a few pieces of cereal...and they tasted about right.
Blue goo was dripping from the ceiling and light fixtures, forming crystals on the ground. At one point, I found a panel on the wall which I pulled, and as I did the room rotated so that the wall became the ceiling and I was back lying in my bed again.
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