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Eat What Food the Characters Eat

Date: 6-Dec-2004/17:22+3:00

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Characters: me, dad, mom

I was playing a very complex role-playing video game with my parents. It was designed to be real-time and kind of life-consuming, it came with cooking supplies and a food-subscription so that you'd eat what the characters were eating.
me: "This is a weird idea...shipping people food that matches the food the characters in the game area eating. Could this translate into something successful outside of a dream world?"
dad: "Isn't it difficult to be living in more than one reality? How do you know what's real?"
I started to feel buzzing vibrations in my head.
me: "You're going to have to tiptoe around this topic a bit. When I try to really intellectually focus on cohering stuff about my waking life in dreams and talk about it, that tends to trigger waking up. In fact, my head is really hurting right now."
mom: "You don't have to worry about leaving the room or anything, just take it easy."
Walking around the room to try and center myself, I picked up an alarm clock.
me: "Usually if I look closely at things and try to watch them for a period of time, they don't hold up very well. Reading is difficult, but not as intractable as people make it out to be. In fact, this alarm clock very clearly says 12:00."
There was a loud horn honking and I woke up, it was a horn outside.
Note Looking at the light levels I knew it was too early to be 12:00, but I checked the time and it was 9:04. My parents live on the east coast, thus in their time zone it would be right around noon.
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