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Two Tanks

Date: 29-Jul-2007/9:48+3:00

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Characters: me, guy, nurse, someone

In a strange shopping center, chatting with friends, I began to urge for help in staying lucid in the dream.
me: "Can you take me to a doctor? Please. I need to be given some kind of drug or pill which will allow me to stay here."
They were confused. So I kept trying to explain.
me: "I am asleep right now, and this is a dream to me. I have an entire other life that I'm usually living, and talking to you is only a footnote in that life. But this is a rare opportunity to explore and communicate with you as we are now. I want to hang on to it and make it longer. Do you understand?"
The group looked at me with some degree of puzzlement. But one of them seemed to understand, and addressed the group. He pulled out some kind of flashlight and started shining it in his face.
guy: "No you guys. It's as if when he freaks out, from something like a flashlight in his face...he doesn't just panic a little and then get over it. It really screws with him, and he basically disappears into another world."
me: "Can you take me to a psychiatrist or someone?"
guy: "Okay."
I followed them around and we arrived in some sort of large room. Fearing I'd wake up at any moment, I wanted to leave some kind of note to document what was going on, so I wandered and picked up a note card sitting on a table, and a pen. I tried to write "I am insane. I need help with my schizophrenia, please give me a pill."
The writing, as usual, went from clear to rather scribbly. I handed the note and pen to a nurse and asked if he could read it, and if he could hear me, and if he could write it better.
nurse: "Oh, he needs help with his insomnia."
me: "No, no, not insomnia. INSANITY. SCHIZOPHRENIA. I need medication to help me. Can you say that?"
He began to write it down. Around then, I was attacked from behind by something that was grabbing me and pushing a familiar dull pain into me. I was being lifted and carried out of the room, and everyone in the room was watching me silently. It was not immediate, and I petitioned those in the room to please make it stop and if they couldn't, please describe what it was that was attacking me.
someone: "Two tanks."
As I hovered in the air there was some kind of writing being displayed in the room, I tried to read it but I didn't know what it said. I wondered if it might be intended for me to read, or for those who might be watching what was going on.
Note When a word like "Tank" comes up in this usage, I do read up on alternate uses of the term, such as via http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tank_%28disambiguation%29
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