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Me as Subject of Dream

Date: 25-Jul-2007/1:34+3:00

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This was sent to me a while ago by a friend, and I didn't think to post it at the time. But I've realized how rare it is for anyone to give me an account of a dream in which I appear. So this is somewhat rare...to get an email specifically documenting my appearance in someone else's dream. Here it is:
Your father died and he left behind all these cryptic clues, weird directions, and puzzles we had to solve. We were following them as best we could. Me with more ... gusto ? ... we were sort of coerced , somehow into the whole thing. From the point I best remember things, we had solved something and a videotape or audio of your father played and directed my finding of these packets of paper - one was a deed to some land, and I think a cabin might have been on it, not sure. I think the land might have been by a lake. You were not very into this whole game we were somehow coerced into. I was glad you were apparently going to at least get something out of it... your dad was a tricky one. It was like "Here's this" and you wait for the catch. I don't remember whether other things happened in between but there was also a will, and one other document. Also, a packet of some mysterious herbs. I or we were directed to put them on a square wooden table in another room. The table kind of looked Hawaiian. There were also little bird figurines, I think three of them.
Later I solved something and you were not around. I got a piece of paper with directions. It said immediately I must set fire to two documents and the wooden table. I wished you were around to help me choose which of the 2 documents to set on fire but I thought I knew what to do. I thought I should save the will. I started to do that, picked up and put down the documents a couple times, changing my mind after I had set the table on fire... tossed the will away to safety... you hopped over and asked me what was going on. You chattered with enthusiasm. I said, "The... herbs... I think they're hallucinatory. "You know how I know? Because you look like a small blue and white bird." (one of the little figurines, one with a tropical pattern no less). I said that I had to get out of there; I was getting tired though. You wanted to know what was going on with the fire and kept talking. I don't know what happened; that's all I remember from that dream. The other two dreams I remember are unrelated. I did sleeptalk a little during one. I woke myself up doing it, then fell back asleep.
I'd like to encourage any readers who have dreams about me to report them so I can document them here. Identifying details will of course be removed (I tend to remove my own details, such as my real name, not that it would be that hard for anyone who cared to find out what it is.)
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