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Who the Hell is Richard Butler?

Date: 11-Feb-2007/16:16+3:00

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Characters: someone, me

I had a laptop and was watching some kind of bizarre movie called "It's My Party" with someone.
someone: "Oh yes, this is a good one. It stars Ann Taylor, and was produced by Richard Butler."
me: "Okay, thanks. I'll look this up on IMDB and see if it actually exists."
Note I knew that looking it up on the dream laptop would NOT be the same as looking it up on my real laptop when I woke up, but decided it could be interesting anyway.
Though I did bring up a web browser, a bouncing "new email" icon distracted me, and I switched to Apple Mail. There was a Nerve Personals notification, and some stuff that looked like spam.
The email that interested me most was titled "Subject: Fourth". It had what appeared to be a Doonesbury cartoon attached. Looking closely at the "To:" address I tried to piece out what the recipient of all this mail was, and it came out as something along the lines of A.Chang@ILikeAsiaImportCandies.com.
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