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The White Mayor of Wal-Mart

Date: 11-Feb-2007/15:54+3:00

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Characters: me, black man

I was in some kind of apartment complex, and there were several black people hanging around. One of them had a Rubik's Cube. He showed it to me and I looked it over.
me: "Even though you have several sides solved, I don't think this is going to be possible to finish. There are too many white stickers. You can only have 9 total on all faces of the cube."
black man: (laughing) "Ha ha! Well of course you'd notice that. What else would we expect from The White Mayor of Wal-Mart!!!"
me: (angry) "What did you call me?!"
black man: (laughing harder) "Oh no...I'm sorry! I'm sorry... Mr. Africa Crack, Sir."
Note The impression I got was that this apartment complex was our base, from which we were running some kind of Fight-Club like operation.
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