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Speaking Spanish in College

Date: 7-Sep-2006/9:16+3:00

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Characters: grandma, me, someone, guy, sam beckington

I was wandering along outside my grandmother's house and saw some packaged food items. One was lasagna noodles, another was some bag of another kind of rice or pasta. I picked them up and walked inside. Seeing a row of grocery bags, I figured the items had fallen out--so I dropped the noodles and pasta in the bags.
My grandmother was in the living room, watching TV.
Note Interestingly, this was my other grandmother--not the one who lived in that house.
grandma: "You make way too much noise while you sleep. I had to throw a shoe at you! And you rattle around precisely at 11:00 every morning when you get up."
Somehow there was a segue-way into a college dorm. The room I was in was very crowded.
me: "If anyone needs more space, they can go hang out in my room."
someone: "You should go check on your roommate. After all, today is your year anniversary of living together."
me: "Can anyone show me where my room is?"
A guy on my right gave me a puzzled look.
guy: "Uhh, I don't speak Spanish."
Note I wasn't, to the best of my knowledge, speaking in Spanish. But just in case, I made sure to say both "derecho" and "right" when discussing the turns to find my room.
I could not find a room with my name on the door, so I stopped to ask a black man who was painting something. He told me it was in the corner of the building, to make sure I understood I pointed. I went and looked and indeed, it was a room for two people and my name was on the door.
The black man followed me in and started pinching at me in a way that reminds me of the kinds of attacks I have experienced time and time again, but I fended him off a bit.
me: "Stop that. I have psychological problems, and I'm going to completely freak out if you don't stop."
My roommate stepped in, he was a boyish character whose name on the door read "Sam Beckington".
sam beckington: (to the black man) "Get out of here! This is our anniversary!"
The man left and my roommate locked the door.
me: "Thank you for that. I'm going to try giving you some information about my world so you can identify it. There was a terrorist event on September 11th, 2001 in which terrorists hijacked planes and flew them into the twin towers in New York. That's fairly significant, you should be able to find it in the news."
sam beckington: "Okay."
me: "This world seems very disconnected from mine, but maybe these stock tips will help you. Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple...all good investments in the early 2000s."
Though I didn't feel like I was going to wake up on my own, I was awoken by a loud blaring car alarm.
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