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Dancing with the Architect

Date: 6-Sep-2006/4:30+3:00

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Characters: being, me, woman

I was typing and had the feeling I was being monitored, so I began typing out warnings that would be read by anyone reading it. This led me into a direct confrontation with someone on a monitor, it was an unusual-looking being.
being: "You and your slippery abilities to jump outside of your human body and into other places is an anomaly. We've tried seventeen iterations to get rid of you, but somehow you keep popping up and ruining the system."
me: "Have you seen the Matrix?"
being: (shrugging) "Yeah, I think I know what you're talking about. I saw that one."
me: "You just did the speech from it, almost verbatim, from the Architect to Neo. It was in, uh, the second one. There was a trilogy. Why don't you go watch it right now and get back to me."
It blipped, and came back.
being: "Ok I just watched it. Sure, what's your point?"
me: "Look, I've been working on this project, to teach people about perfect systems and perfect recycling. We can have this particular cake and eat it too. They can be the system and also be happy about being the system, if they just understand it."
being: "They need to learn that materials are everywhere."
Note Don't know what that means.
me: "I've been trying to get a scientifically-minded friend of mine to accept the plausibility of free energy. The parallel I had drawn was like that of a video game car--it's possible to make such a car that doesn't run out of gas, and is thus a 'perpetual motion machine'. The reason this works is because the host environment had already paid the overhead cost of running the system."
being: "Obviously."
me: "I think humans are annoying too, but YOU are going to need some mercy when you run up against the boundaries of whoever runs your environment."
being: "That hasn't come up yet, I'll deal with it when it does."
At this point we started walking down the hall and the being turned into a woman. We entered into a room where she began dancing. She was shimmering, wearing a lot of make-up, and had short red hair. I ran up and grabbed her by the hands and realized that she was about half as tall as I was.
me: "Are you comfortable with human form? Is this normal for you?"
woman: "Yes, but this isn't any good. I'm not into the 'father' thing. Can you tell who I am as a human?"
me: "Uhhh... Liza Minelli?"
woman: (angrily) "No! Katie Holmes!"
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