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Open Letter to Robert Bruce

Date: 16-Nov-2008/11:35+3:00


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A friend had been telling me about Robert Bruce, who is a mystic of sorts who has written a couple of books. They were a little heavy on the terminology for me, but he seemed to be covering some of the same ground that I did. Strangely, when I looked up his website I saw he was advertising something that I had found one of on the ground in the middle of the road:
I thought it was like... some sort of fancy label that came with a cell phone (it reminded me of how jackets sometimes have oversized plastic pendants bearing the brand of the manufacturer.) But it's called a "Q-link", costs $99 by mail order, and is supposed to help you channel energy. Unfortunately I threw it away at some point.
UPDATE 1-Jan-2009 I found it in a pocket of an old jacket that I was giving to Goodwill. Robert warned me to not wear "someone else's Q-link". But that doesn't make any more sense to me than when I couldn't feed my Mogwai after midnight--I mean, time zones make it impossible for that to make any difference. So I did wear it for a couple of days to see if there were any dream effects, and there were (unsurprisingly) not.)
In any case, he has a blog, and I left a comment on it...to which he briefly replied. But here's a copy of the letter.
Hello Mr. Bruce! Nice to see a metaphysics-based podcast...
I hadn't heard of you until recently, when a friend of mine repeatedly suggested I look at your books which she is reading. Touring your site I was rather surprised to see the "Q-Link" because I had found one of those pendants in a crosswalk in Los Angeles. Had no idea what it was at the time...I was thinking it was some kind of tag or label that had come on a cell phone and been discarded. I think I threw it away weeks later at the laundromat when I was emptying my pockets!
The reason my friend thought I should look into you is that for decades I have had surreal and atypical lucid dreaming experiences. Though in the beginning I thought modern scientific models of the brain would be able to explain it, I now feel it requires some kind of protoscientific/paranormal point of view to understand. Despite jumping into what many critical thinkers would pejoratively call "mysticism", I've tried to be very self-aware.
My desire is to not present myself as an authority but rather as a student of experience--and possibly a linchpin for greater understanding. Since you mentioned interest in paranormal research and developments in that area, I thought you might find my site worth a look. Rather than ask anyone meeting me to first read hundreds of dream documents, I've tried to put a little introduction together to explain the nature of my unique experience:
(Hopefully I'm meeting your criteria of "is it true, is it kind, is it necessary"!)
In any case, in your video introduction you mention this idea of seeing the layers and the ways in which we can see ourselves as "all one". Strangely this is a concept that has been preoccupying me the last few weeks, as a somewhat subliminal undercurrent in many pieces of art. I've wondered how to apply this as holding greater keys to decoding my experiences:
In any case, thank you for reading, and please feel free to write me at my email address or make any comments on the journal that interest you! (It is possible to comment anonymously as well.)
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