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Back To The Future is Destiny

Date: 6-Nov-2008/12:40+3:00

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Characters: me, girl, red shirt man, mouse girl, man

I was laying on a bed watching something of a religious service in front of me. The people in the service were sitting cross-legged in front of a preacher, who spoke something about inviting the divine power of God into your life. I laughed, and they turned and stared at me.
me: "Oh, don't get me wrong. I'm all for it, but in the meantime there's all this craziness. Any reasonable God would make things more sensible."
girl: "Some miracles have a harder time than others, it depends on the concrete of your prison when you first start."
A man in a red shirt who was part of the congregation reached out for my hand, and pulled me up into the group (since I seemed unable to walk)
red shirt man: "Imagine a forest, into which many roads lead. If blocking your road there is a meat grinder that will destroy anything that tries to get into the forest...well...it makes passage difficult."
The person doing the preaching began to preach about how if you took the fifths-of-the-five-at-five then the answer would be revealed to you. Our group went outside and took their outstretched hands with five fingers to make 1/5 of a 360 degree angle and looked up at the sun through the wedge created. When I did this, I could see a video playing on the sun. A young-seeming girl who also reminded me a bit of a mouse exclaimed what she saw.
mouse girl: "It says 'yourself!'"
me: "Wait. Uh, this is weird. Is the point that any amount of arcane-sounding magic can be actualized with enough technology...like detecting when you are doing a certain hand gesture at the sun and then projecting an image at you? Is the point to not be too impressed by displays of power like this but to rely on your own values?"
Some people murmured agreement, as if to say that I'd gotten the point.
mouse girl: "Are you sure you're done, and ready to return?"
me: "Yes. Certainly."
mouse girl: "There isn't any rush. For a bit of time there were some concerns here, but now that is all taken care of, you can take as long as you like. I've got a lot of scripts to write, in fact."
me: "Well help fix me so this is less disoriented then I'll be able to help you write the scripts, you'll get them done in half the time."
Note At the time I heard "script" as in writing computer software, but it could have also been referring to something more like "storywriting".
The girl handed me a telephone, which I set on a table. It had a coin slot and some kind of video monitor. There were no coins, but I looked in the "coin return" and there were several so I took them out and started inserting them. A crowd gathered and seemed to be jeering at me while I was doing this, but rather surprised that I had both the phone and coins.
I dialed 911 and a robot face appeared on the monitor along with an image of people the screen was pointing at. I swept the screen across the field of view and waved at it while introducing myself.
me: "Hi, I need help. These people do not seem to be helping, in fact they seem pretty mean. But I'm stuck in a crazy dual interdimensional life between places like this and The United States of America."
This scene transitioned to a room where I was with some people and several bins full of what looked like broken jelly beans. I shuffled them around in the container. A man on a bed addressed me.
man: "If you eat those, it will bring you back here. You'll have 24 hours to reflect but after that you can't return."
me: "Hmmm...what will happen to my body? Will I just appear to die in my sleep?"
man: "Yes."
me: "I'm skeptical because I've like, fallen off buildings and such and I don't really believe these jelly beans do anything. But if I did believe it, can't this offer be made again after a little time to tie things up? I mean I need to say goodbye and all that."
man: "Good thinking, you probably should."
There was some kind of model of a house with video screens on it in the room. I left the bins of jelly beans on the floor and walked toward it.
me: "Is Earth some kind of prison, or what? Are those of us trapped considered to be like people in Iraq...someone you know about but isn't high enough on the priority list to actually do anything?"
man: "Earth is sufficient for its purpose, and for those who are there. Everyone goes in, everyone records all their experiences, and you'll process them later. But it is your destiny to return to the future."
me: "Well I think it should be sooner rather than later."
man: (grimacing) "I think it is time we broke up your marriage."
me: "I'm not married."
Note Marriage has been used to refer to the "marrying" of a spirit to a body in dreams, though that was not the sense in which I heard it here as I assumed it was referring to being married to another person.
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