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105 Years of Solitude

Date: 3-Nov-2008/14:48+3:00

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Characters: guy, me

At one point in a dream I was dancing around with some people, they were singing a song. The chorus was something like "We will liberate you, we will free your mind". Looking at myself in the mirror I had a beard and some kind of bushy hair--similar to my face, but different.
A guy who looked like a friend of mine was laying on the ground next to a wall with a large screen TV. I approached him and he began to speak.
guy: "It sure must be frustrating for you... living in a world that runs so counter to your values."
me: "Tell me about it. I'm in Mexico right now, and the government is just horribly corrupt. You see broken systems everywhere."
guy: "Well, you set all that up."
me: "Aaaaah! That again! I never screwed up Mexico. What do you mean when you say I was responsible for something I have no memory of?"
guy: "No, not saying that. Okay, let's get something straight. First of all, you were human, and a member of a group that had a vision of a better future. But it's now mandatory that you have to go back the other direction for 105 years--everyone has to. You learn things that way...about jealousy, or hate. You also can find what would make someone who went through a bad situation NOT fix it so that others wouldn't have to face the same thing."
me: "You said 105 years? How many have I done?"
guy: "Well you were running late, you had a lot of political obligations to take care of first. And there's still some incarnations you need to do before you're finished. You haven't lived as part of an agricultural-based society. Like in Vietnam or China, growing sugar..."
me: "Vietnam or China?! For decades? I don't want to do that! If I do, is this dreaming and alternate existence going to stabilize? Will I live a double life of some kind, or am I going to get reset so I don't remember any of this?"
I woke up while he was answering.
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