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Address Block 105

Date: 8-Aug-2008/7:59+3:00

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Characters: person1, person2

I was awakening from another dream when I started reading a chat.
person1: "Yeah, well, the computers always are trying to get address block 105. It's like if hackers were going to hack a domain to put their sites up, they'd choose .gov. All things being equal, why not give what you say some authority?"
person2: "Who could blame them, everyone wants to include themselves for recognition."
person1: "Also, in that range you can route the lower ranges."
person2: "They sure like defining the rules for combat, surface to air... ground to ground."
person1: "Did you see they just submitted their first modification to an article that wasn't about computer military history? It was to the article on the Intellivision game system. Really changed the spin of some parts of it but did an excellent job, when the raters graded the changes on a human scale they gave it a 96% quality mark."
My field of view showed a "before" and "after" of the cover graphic for a book on the Intellivision game system. The design had been enhanced somewhat.
The next thing I knew I was reading a three-frame cartoon about a family being upset with a dog for being disorganized. In the first frame the humans gave it a computer and told it to do a better job. In the second frame you saw the dog being stressed out reading all the things it had to deal with ("That's the 50th time I had to close the door for you this month! etc.") The third frame showed the dog sweating and it said "I am SO pregnant."
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