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Flight Delay Precognition

Date: 21-Feb-2009/9:37+3:00

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I was in a plane at its gate, and was about to get ready to finalize the boarding. Yet I was reading in the paper that this precise take-off had been aborted at the end of the runway--(in the past tense).
The paper said that the excuse given was that people were not in their seats and that it was to punish the passengers. Yet the real truth was that someone in the air traffic control tower had sworn they saw a black aircraft of some kind, even though it wasn't on radar. They were worried that there was a military aircraft with stealth technology in the air.
As I sat and pondered the implications of knowing what was going to happen in the future and if I could create some kind of paradox, I watched as the plane taxied down the runway. I looked in the back and though the plane was relatively empty a few people were standing up. It went in a circle and back to the gate, and did not take off.
The next line in the paper I read before waking up was that IGN had reported making $300 million dollars. A columnist remarked something like:
The creative accounting it takes to believe they actually made that much money is astounding. Probably written by a guy who writes books titled things like 'how to double your investment profits on the house you didn't know you owned!'
Note In the context I'm most familiar with it, IGN is "Imagine Games Network", a video game review/news/info site.
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