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Made in a factory at Maxis

Date: 19-Feb-2009/7:45+3:00

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Characters: me, guy, him, testicle guy

I'd walked through a party area that looked like a movie theater, but had a number of rooms. One of the rooms I stepped into I ran into some stack of photographs, that I began sorting. A young guy in a baseball cap was watching.
me: "Hmmm... this... this one isn't right, that never happened. This one did. This one didn't."
guy: (sad) "I'm afraid this is what people are going to be like with my music. Breaking it up into the parts of me they'll accept and the parts they won't."
Note I was picking out the pictures of things that had happened on a road trip I took, and pictures of things I couldn't remember or with people in it who didn't look like me. I don't know what he was referring to, but I became lucid and decided to chat a bit.
me: "Ever hear that one by Tears for Fears called 'Goodnight Song'?"
him: "No..."
me: (singing) "Get some honesty... take the best of me and then the rest let go..."
him: "Interesting."
me: "Well, I wouldn't be too stressed."
him: "I'll think about it, but I'm going back to the party."
me: "Why? This is a dream."
him: (sadly) "Yes, that's what it is. It's all just a bad, bad dream."
me: "What's bad about it? Nothing's happened that bad yet, anyway."
him: "Guess it doesn't really matter to you. You were made in a factory at Maxis."
Note Maxis as-we-know-it is a video game studio, makers of "SimCity" and, more relevantly, "The Sims".
me: "Hold up! What do you mean? Can you tell me anything that would be useful?"
him: "Well, I can try. See, my cousin worked with this guy, who..."
Note He talked for a while, but it wasn't particularly easy to follow and he wasn't getting to any clear point.
me: "This isn't useful and I'm going to wake up, I'm undergoing a lot of pain at the moment. Can you just get to the point? SOME piece of useful information?"
him: "I don't... remember, I guess."
At this point, the room had kind of filled with a bunch of polygonal 3D models that were much larger than I was. One of a bodybuilder, but he had really large testicles.
me: "Come on. Looks like you'd have the cojones to tell me something useful."
testicle guy: "Oh yeah?"
Small white spheres began shooting out of his crotch. Another large 3D model of a woman, who found this funny, decided to start shooting small white spheres out of her crotch at me. The resulting sensation was of being sprayed with water more or less, in both cases. I glared at them and began shouting out anything I could think of.
me: "Shields on."
The spray sensation stopped and the balls could suddenly not get very close to me.
me: "Show model mesh."
The wire mesh of the 3D model sprang on top of the 3D.
me: "Flatten all vertices to Z=0 and disconnect control from client."
Her model collapsed completely, and stopped moving. Everyone in the room went into a panic. The next line I sang as a little song...
me: "This is a warning... and now you've all been warned!"
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