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Don't take ESP class

Date: 16-Feb-2009/9:55+3:00

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Characters: me, girl, gypsy, man

After a long flying dream where I just decided to be comfortable with the heights and figure I'd wake up all right, I ended up in an office. There was a sign saying ESP Class: Next Week. A couple of people were looking at it with me.
me: "It's a bit funny how ESP Class is always coming up, but never actually happens."
girl: "It has something to do with computers."
me: "I know I've been to it, but someone erased my memory so I forgot it. Just have to figure out who."
At this point, a door opened and a gypsy-looking woman came in the room.
gypsy: (flustered) "What are you talking about?!"
She faced off against the girl and closed her eyes, then ran off alarmed.
me: "Note that she went into your mind to find out, not mine."
girl: "Yes."
me: (laughing) "They're too afraid. If they went into mine they might never get out."
girl: "You certainly are good at this."
My point of view flipped around to another situation where I was speaking with someone else about ESP class. When I did that, my bodily presence vanished and I saw nothing but a white background, with a fixed picture of an older man. One of his eyes was blacked out, and it wasn't clear if that was an eyepatch or just a piece missing from the picture.
man: (thick German accent) "Who ask avout dis?"
Though the sensation and appearance of this guy was kind of scary, someone who didn't seem to be me started screaming when this face appeared. My body began to vibrate heavily for an unusually long time until I woke up.
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