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Inichinev and the San Francisco Canal

Date: 9-Oct-2007/15:59+3:00

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Characters: me, her

Was in a fight with someone and agreed to step off if she did. She did agree, so we moved away from each other.
me: "I feel like I don't trust you because you seem to be more adept at this realm. Why is this? What are you in real life?"
her: "My journal user name is the name of my favorite canal in San Francisco. Do you know who Inichinev is?"
me: "No."
her: "Well he was the architect of the canal."
me: "Can you tell me anything about when you live? I'm from 2007. What time are you from?"
her: "We just got a big message about a new constitution. It's very inspiring, and has poems in it as well."
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