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Kinda Like Helen Keller

Date: 15-Jun-2008/15:28+3:00

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Characters: man, girl

I was watching (or perhaps participating in) a session where a woman who had disabilities was being questioned in front of an audience. She was connected to machines and a man was asking her questions, which were being interpreted and then answered back by a young girl. Someone was massaging the body of the woman being questioned.
Note At first I assumed the massage was some kind of signal or communication, but it was later established not to be.
man: "If you have no way of seeing, hearing or telling the difference between people...then everything that comes at you is symbolic. Do you have any way of sensing others? I'm going to start doing something to you now, can you tell?"
The man went up and began pinching her at random places, while the massage continued.
Note Somehow, I 'felt' the pinches as they happened. However, I was watching the scene, and did not feel I was answering these questions...I really attributed them to the woman in the chair.
The answer was relayed back through a young girl.
girl: "She says yes, she feels two presences. One that has been massaging her the whole time to reduce the pain. Another feels like her uncle who was once trying to encourage her to play with a Commodore 64 computer."
Note My uncle had a Commodore 64. But again, I really didn't feel I was answering--if anything, I identified with the questioner. Perhaps I was a piece in the interpretation process they were mentioning?
man: (to audience) "I'm sorry about some of the limitations of the kinds and numbers of questions we can be taking today. Though our interpreters are very fast and good at getting information to the subject, the young girl who is carrying one piece of the process across hasn't quite gotten the knack of doing it as fast as we'd like."
Note He was more specific about the thing the young girl had trouble doing, I just didn't understand.
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