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LEGO Barbie UPS presentation

Date: 12-Apr-2014/1:02:40-4:00

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Characters: LEGO bystander, LEGO archaeologist, Barbie, companion, me, speaker

I was walking through an environment that was apparently built out of LEGO, with someone. I had the impression (or understanding) that it was a game or movie.
Note A recent popular movie called "The LEGO Movie" has been receiving good critical reviews, I'd considered seeing it.
My friend and I considered ourselves observers, as if we were just watching and waiting for events to happen. There was a moment where a LEGO minifig-style character was doing some kind of archaeological dig, and found a small Barbie doll--unclothed and anatomically nondescript.
LEGO bystander: (confused) "What is it?"
LEGO archaeologist: (enthusiastic) "This isn't LEGO at all! This is a Barbie!"
The Barbie became animated and seemed grateful for being unearthed.
Barbie: "Thank you for saving me!"
Barbie kissed the LEGO archaeologist, but when she did so, she grew larger in size.
This led to some strange detour in dialogue. Other LEGO characters were describing their marvelment at coming across this large nude girl who would grow each time she kissed someone.
Hearing people talk about the Barbie side-story kind of faded; and I became puzzled at how much of what I'd expected to be a story about LEGO had been spent developing a character I didn't believe belonged. So my companion and I went into some kind of LEGO building. I took a stairway downwards, and laid on the floor and kind of poked at the walls, looking at their structure.
companion: (confused) "Um, what are you doing?"
me: "Well, I came in and I could either go up or go down, and so I went down. And when I went down there wasn't much here, but I decided to look at the bricks in this wall."
companion: "Maybe you took a wrong turn? You're in...like...the basement. This isn't particularly interesting. Come on, let's go look at what's going on in the upper levels."
I got up and followed him. The hallways were odd structures of LEGO. He pointed to the corridor he thought we should be in.
me: "I don't see a way over there. Well, I guess we could take some of these side routes."
We dodged around the various halls; while there was a lot of LEGO base structure, it seemed there was glass as well. We managed to weave our way around the maze and into a conference room, where we were seemingly walking into the middle of a lecture.
companion: (excited) "Oh yes! I hear that the lecture embedded in the movie is one of the best parts, you shouldn't skip it."
We moved forward to try and hear, but the room was packed. I squatted on the ground behind some people who motioned to me that it was almost over and they'd be leaving, thus I could take their seat. I listened but it sounded like gibberish... random words at a high rate. But he ended the talk shortly thereafter.
speaker: (enthusiastically) "And that's why UPS is the greatest service in history! Thank you."
The audience applauded and cleared out. My companion and I found seats to take the spots where the previous people had been. The projection screen began to be filled with schematic diagrams which I tried to understand, but could not...and I awoke.
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