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Leonard Cohen, John Grisham, or me?

Date: 9-Sep-2006/5:05+3:00

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Characters: mean man, old guy, me

I was in some large building and waiting for a job interview. They were speaking to other people including John Grisham and Leonard Cohen. Though most of the people who were there were nice, most of them left and only one mean man remained.
mean man: "You don't belong here. I'm escorting you out."
While I was arguing with him, a nicer old guy who was higher-up than he was stopped us.
old guy: "What seems to be the problem?"
me: "I'm supposed to be here, and I'd like to be granted an audience with the person I've spoken to previously."
We went into a conference room and he fired up a video monitor on which some of the strangest things were being shown. The people I'd seen before were outside somewhere by a campfire and music was playing.
There was a cat who was throwing balls of dirt into a bowl with its paws. As it did, the balls would turn into mice. The cat didn't pay a lot of attention as the occasional mouse would get up and scramble out of the bowl; it just kept throwing more balls in to try and fill the bowl with mice.
It was a very eerie and negative vibe, so I was thankful I woke up.
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