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Let God Come To You

Date: 5-Jan-2009/16:58+3:00

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Characters: me, flyingjerk, him, her, girl

In a dream I was in an instant message chat with LiveJournal user "flyingjerk". The subject matter of the chat was mentioning that I had appeared in a dream of hers. In that chat, I'd apparently been giving some advice on how to deal with a recent bad thing that had happened.
me: "Well, funny you should bring this up. I'm not confident that I'm awake right now. Seeing as how that's probably the case, is there any message you want to give me to give you?"
She started talking about Lotus flowers, or Lotus positions, or something involving the word Lotus. Then added:
flyingjerk: "Oh here's something."
flyingjerk: "Coal in hell."
Note "Shoveling coal in hell" is one of the jobs that you have to do if you go to hell. Hopefully this is not intended as a warning or condemnation of her or me!
A guy I knew from grade school was in the bed with me and the laptop. He began climbing on me and moving erratically, as if he was trying to grope me, but it was painful.
me: "You being here makes this very certainly a dream. But I'd really prefer it if you would get off of me."
He seemed upset, as if I'd hurt his feelings, but he complied.
me: "Thank you for stopping. I don't mind talking, but I didn't like that. I'm sure there are other people around here."
him: "No, there aren't. Because I am you. We are all there is."
me: "Fine, but... I'm sure there's... another aspect of me that is into that. I prefer women."
I walked out of the room and entered a hallway in a dorm like environment and sort of fell down...but couldn't get up. There were various women in the hallway, one was a short girl who smiled at me but kept going. I grabbed her arm such that she could either pull me with her or stay where I was.
her: "No, no... I don't have time today!"
me: "Then make time...explain to me what's going on?"
her: "Explain this?!? And give it all away?! Then it wouldn't be chick playground anymore."
I was still lying on the ground and another girl started questioning me.
girl: "Why did you go out on the second date with Kim (my last name)?"
me: "I've never been on a date with anyone who had my last name. Or anyone named Kim, I don't... think. Hmmm...though I'm not sure."
Note I was correct on both points, though feeling rather un-confident of my memory during the dream.
Tired of the questioning I moved down the hall further and encountered another girl, who was more attractive, and dressed provocatively in white lingerie.
girl: "Did you really meet a girl in Silverlake who's going to spend her life with you?"
me: "Silverlake... uh... no, I don't know what you're talking about."
Note Silverlake is a neighborhood in Los Angeles to which I have not spent much time in for any reason.
Distracted we began to be sexual, until at one point I looked behind me and saw a parade of people and objects that looked like it was going to overrun me.
This crowd reminds me of the cacophonous dream parade that threatens to overwhelm the minds of dreamers in "Paprika":
...though I did not see that movie until a day or two after this dream.)
I managed to avoid being swallowed up by the crowd by turning to come back the way I came. Although a row of white stone statues who could walk followed me... and then passed me. In the group was a single painted statue, who looked like an Asian woman--I touched her as we walked and the paint was sticky but did not come off.
me: (to woman statue) "You must let God come to you."
Note don't know in particular why I said this, but my insinuation was some sort of deep statement about how you can't be distracted and doing all kinds of crazy running around in dreams looking at statues but rather have focus on receiving information.
The statue nodded solemnly. For some reason I decided to try using environmental feedback to create a song called "Let God Come to You". It started awkwardly but then began mixing in a lot of instruments that I could somehow mentally summon. I flew and flipped around the environment, which was a little bit like Mall of America's indoor carnival atmosphere:
The music that played and the way the words I was riffing were vaguely like this:
Sometime it looks dark
But there is darkness in the light
Sometimes it feels wrong
But there is wrongness in the right
Let God come to you
Because He wants us to
A transcript of a Guru from the 70s featuring this phrase has some interesting bits:
It will come in you in strange ways. It will come in you in remarkable ways. And if it's your test to suddenly walk around with a different set of organs.....so what? And this is how it works. It shows up in mythology. It shows up in every kind of spirituality....but God help it if it shows up on you! That you won't accept. So you really let God come to you as God wants to come to you. It isn't you. It isn't you. It's God entering you. And there are more people sitting in loony bins because they will not accept that manifestation.
...and I note the appearance of Lotus here as well.
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