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Date: 17-Sep-2006/3:37+3:00

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Characters: me, person1, person2

I had witnessed a rather bizarre scene and then afterward was party to a conversation between two people. They had a rapid exchange and went to depart.
me: "Can you go back and say what you had to say again?"
person1: "Hey, make sure you go visit Aman."
person2: "Ok, sure, I am the shop after all."
Walking away with the guy who had proclaimed himself as the shop, I introduced myself and hit him with a couple of questions.
me: "Where are we?"
person2: "Liarsville."
me: "Liarsville? Is that code to suggest that you can't tell the truth in response to my questions?"
He sort of attacked me and I woke up.
There's actually a place in Alaska called Liarsville..
Liarsville was named after the journalists who came to Skagway during the Gold Rush and painted a more that rosy picture of the accessibility of
gold and riches here.
...though I doubt it's connected.
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