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Matchmaker and the Lecherous Realityhandbook

Date: 21-Aug-2006/16:44+3:00

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Characters: matchmaker, me, melanie, guy

In mid-conversation, I was interrupted by a woman who was trying to be some kind of matchmaker. A thin and pretty dark-haired girl wearing some gothic-type clubwear stood by her.
matchmaker: "This is the girl I'd been meaning to introduce you to, her name is Melanie. You'd be perfect for each other, she likes blondes too."
I gave Melanie a hug.
me: "Hello. I'm pleased to meet you. Do you remember these situations when you wake up?"
melanie: "Sometimes, but not often."
I asked a couple of other questions, and reached out to hold her by the waist. Despite being unusually forward in petting her, she didn't seem to mind as I felt the lace of her underwear through her skirt. But at one point I kissed her, and she swiftly retreated to a couch. I followed her to apologize.
me: "I'm sorry, being so forward is really not my usual style. I never really know whether any negative response I get is due to my own subconscious and needs to overcome, or if I'm actually being disrespectful to another being."
She didn't say anything, but stared at me and made me feel awkward.
me: (embarrassed) "This is such an odd situation. You have to understand that dreams are supposed to be the place where you're free from the cultural norms--and I mean, that's being taken away from me. Soon I'll wake up, back to my weird little life that I have to live even after all this has happened. It's just hard you know."
A guy sitting next to us got kind of irritated with her silence.
guy: (to Melanie) "Come on. Can't your understand at least HALF of what he's saying?"
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