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The Mormon Zoo

Date: 15-Aug-2017/9:56+3:00

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Characters: boy, me

Having become lucid, I was in a discussion with a young boy about where he was from relative to me.
boy: "What planet are you from?"
me: "Earth"
boy: "Where is that?"
me: "Ummm. Milky Way Galaxy. I dunno how useful that is, as it's a term that comes from Earth. It's the third planet from a sun, if that's any help."
He pulled up a big starmap on a screen. I looked at it blankly.
me: (sheepishly) "Ummm. I guess I should have at some point memorized some kind of fundamental properties like the ratio of the planets from the sun or something, if you're going to search."
I stopped to look more closely at the "starmap". When I did, it seemed like it was a video game with space battles going on.
me: (skeptically) "Are you sure that's a starmap, and not just a screen in some video game? Because that seems a bit too pixely and has cartoon ships fighting on it. Where are YOU from?"
boy: "The Mormon Zoo."
me: "Uh... what is that?"
boy: "It's in some of the older cores, a simulation."
me: "The name 'Mormon Zoo' doesn't sound like the people running it are pro-Mormon...are they? Who runs the simulation?"
boy: "It's kept active by a corporation by contract."
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