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Date: 17-Sep-2007/18:50+3:00

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I was in a somewhat odd situation where creatures were hurling large rocks. I was at first concerned and helping to kill these, but then found out that they were actually trained and were being led by a conductor who was standing at the top of a pulpit. It was some kind of performance.
Exiting the building, I was in an area with many people and it was presented in "quest" format like World of Warcraft. There was a sundial or something glowing on the ground, and when I went to inspect it a message appeared that said "The inscription is in latina."
My first thought was, good, I can read Spanish... but it turned out it must have meant latin because when I read it the words said "Naeme nam homme."
Note I do not speak any latin, and shockingly enough NAM means 'for'. HOMME means man but not in latin, apparently it is "homo hominis". NAEME doesn't come up in the latin dictionary either but if one reads this as an inter-lingustic hodgepodge it might say "name for man".
There was some kind of dictionary search that popped up on my screen, as well as some kind of dialogue which was either giving a warning or asking an explanation. It was scrolling by so fast I couldn't read it, but the gist of it was:
This broadcast message is to the player who has just said a high level word to a lower level player: you are making the game less fun for everybody!!! The terms of service clearly state that... (etc.) (etc.) Do you agree?
At the bottom of the screen the scroll buttons were YES and NO. I tried to push NO to indicate that I absolutely didn't agree, but the system was outside my control.
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