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Paying the Bill for your PDF

Date: 26-Oct-2008/12:18+3:00

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Characters: me, guy, friend

I wound up in my grandmother's kitchen with a strange device. It was round and yellow and had three buttons on the perimeter. Inside were orange tupperware sets, stacked and nested in an odd and tightly packed configuration. When I pushed one of the buttons the tupperware would pop out and stack itself in an expanded state. The other button would make the tupperware jump back in and re-stack.
After making the tupperware pop in and out a few times, it seemed the yellow plastic device that was doing this started to disintegrate, with little crucial parts flying out. I complained to someone who was in the kitchen.
me: "This device seems rather sophisticated to be made out of such cheap plastic."
guy: "Oh? I thought it was tough plastic."
We walked into the living room which was quite crowded, and I feared an attack. But the guy started singing and some of the people responded back, and I decided I would "act cool" and dance.
I danced for a while but then wound up on my back on the floor, with my head sort of between the feet of a girl with long dark hair who was seated in a chair. She looked down at me and gave me a thumbs-up symbol as if she'd approved of the dance. I tried to get her to come down on the floor but she refused. So I stood and approached a friend of mine who was seated on a sofa with some other people.
me: "Will you come with me into the other room and answer some questions?"
friend: "All right..."
Something was said about how I was 'acting scary'. We went to the room where there were two cats that were sort of fighting.
me: "Okay. Do you do realize this is a dream? That I will wake up in bed and this will be happening shortly?"
friend: "I don't mean to be argumentative but, what about the people who forget to wake up? It's like forgetting to pay the bill for your PDF."
Note I understood him to mean PDF as the computer document format.
me: "Uh...well are you just being argumentative, or you don't agree that this is a dream?"
friend: "Well no, I guess I don't agree with that."
More people showed up in the room and they were walking erratically. They had their backs to me and were doing something that looked like karate moves, it seemed like they were keeping something at bay.
me: "Who are these people and why are they doing karate moves? Are they trying to defend me from something?"
friend: "No."
A woman said something about needing to feed her cats. A tiny bird came flying at me and somehow woke me up.
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