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Date: 19-Apr-2004/2:34+3:00

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Characters: me, fortune teller

Note The date on this entry is very approximate, as I documented it long after the fact due to its lasting significance.
In a non-lucid dream I was visiting a fortune teller, and felt a little awkward to be there. It was hot, and a fan was running behind her desk.
me: "How much is this going to cost?"
fortune teller: "It will be $20 per hour."
Realizing that I'd only been there 15 minutes so far, and that this was pretty cheap entertainment, I decided to relax.
me: "Okay that's fine. I'll take one hour then."
fortune teller: "The most important thing you need to learn about is going to be the concept of sether. It was outlined best in a book by..."
When I woke up, my face was toward a fan next to my bed that was running.
I'd never heard the word 'sether' before, nor had I ever studied Tarot--despite taking a few paranormal things seriously, I skip horoscopes and tarot. But looking up sether up on Google I found the word mentioned in a PDF file Oracle of the Tarot, which says:
The special mode of consciousness associated in Hebrew Wisdom with 7 is the Occult or Secret intelligence. The Hebrew word here translated "Occult or Secret" is [...] Sether, signifying "to shut up, to cover, to hide, to veil, to conceal."
...which seems like the very kind of word that a real fortune teller might bring up in a visit.
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