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Several Nut Shows in One Night

Date: 8-Dec-2013/15:03+3:00

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Characters: friend, me, her

A female friend of mine from several years ago was seated in a chair and talking to me. I was wearing boxer shorts and a long-sleeve shirt. I was doing some kind of art project or organizing things, sitting on the floor.
I didn't take too much alarm at being in my boxer shorts. But when I heard from outside that my mother was coming up the stairs I went and closed the door to the room. I began to look around the room for my pants, but then noticed that I was now completely naked. The friend recoiled in the chair and looked at my crotch, and made a face.
friend: "Jeez. Now here with you here I'm getting several nut shows in one night."
me: (annoyed) "I was more or less dressed just moments ago. I was only going to get some pants to put over boxer shorts. And now I'm naked just from standing up. That, along with talking to you, makes this a dream. Funny I didn't pick up on that earlier."
She got up from the chair and moved over to lay down on a narrow bed and looked at me.
friend: "Well, yeah. So?"
me: "So? So...what's the point of this? Some kind of psychological exploration, about my fear of nudity? For your information, I'm not scared of nudity when I'm awake...and I certainly shouldn't be scared of it in dreams. That's like being afraid because it's the final exam and you didn't study, but you haven't been in school for decades. Irrational."
I approached the bed where she was laying.
me: "I mean, isn't there enough to worry about without this dream stuff being explained? Why should I have to be cautious? I'm in the right, here. Let's say I wanted to do something sexual to you."
I partially pulled off her clothes and started stroking her body.
me: "You gotta problem with THAT, figment of my imagination?!"
her: "No, I don't. But if you could do anything, I bet you'd prefer something more like this..."
A more attractive woman walked into the room, from a closet or other door I hadn't seen. She stripped seductively in front of us, and showed off her body. Then she climbed onto the bed with us, and began to perform oral sex on me.
My friend was still on the bed and my head was laying in her lap. I signaled for her to lean in to kiss me, although I had kind of a bad taste in my mouth. She leaned in and sniffed my breath, and backed off.
friend: "Bleah. I'm not kissing you unless you use some mouthwash or something."
I awoke, and actually did have a bad taste in my mouth.
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