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Shaky Elevators and Raining Pink Bugs

Date: 25-Nov-2004/21:51+3:00

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Characters: me, crowd

Last night I was in this elevator on the second floor with a guy, going down to the first. It was taking too long.
me: "Y'know, elevators in dreams never work right. Let's take this elevator for example. We're going down one floor and we're not there yet."
The elevator began to shake erratically, and the guy looked worried.
me: "Oh don't worry, dream elevators do that. There's basically a few options here. One of these is that we're riding this elevator down to the center of the earth right now to meet Satan or something. Another is that we haven't moved an inch and it's just shaking us in place. How about I open the doors and check this out?"
So I just reached forward with my hands and pushed open the elevator doors manually, and there was this crowd of people there looking at us.
crowd: (to guy) "Thank goodness you're all right!"
They ran forward and embraced him, but basically ignored me. I walked off down the hall in pursuit of more interesting things. For a while, I looked at some pencil sketchwork that had been done by someone I knew in real life.
Near the end of the dream I was walking down a sidewalk covered in little pink crawly bugs. I thought about trying to turn back the way I came ,but they were everywhere and started raining from the sky. It was quite a burning uncomfortable feeling, but I became determined to overcome it. I started levitating along the sidewalk with a maniacal glee, flying forward into the storm of bugs.
My confidence sank as I found myself being carried down a dank tunnel that was becoming increasingly confined. I decided it was a good time to practice waking up.
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