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The Unicorn Man

Date: 5-Jan-2009/18:14+3:00

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Characters: me, girl one, girl two, girl three, friend, roommate

I was becoming lucid during a conversation with three young-looking girls, who began to attack me.
me: "Stop! Please! Why are you doing this!"
girl one: "Because you're the unicorn man."
me: "What does that mean? Do you even know what a unicorn is? It's a horse with one horn on its head. You know, like this."
I put my finger on my head like a unicorn. This demonstration seemed to stress them out further, although there was a bit of a lull in their attack.
girl two: "You attack and kill mercilessly, with the gloves."
me: "What gloves are you talking about? You have to believe me, I don't know what this means."
girl three: "You only don't know because you don't remember, but when you do remember it's because of her that you do it."
me: "Aaaah! Please! This isn't productive. Certainly there must be something you can do to verify that I'm not the person you're talking about."
Very interestingly, Google found the existence of a book called The Unicorn Man which I had never heard of before:
A strange man awakes during brain surgery to find he has no memory of who or what he is.
A rare pineal gland disease has transformed this man into the world's most dangerous beast - The Unicorn Man who while suffering amnesia vows to find out his true identity. Until he can find a cure for his disease he searches New York City, hiding from those who would kill him for the treasured contents of his forehead.
Across the millennia he has existed in a dream. Alone he has wandered the four corners of the earth in pursuit of death itself. It is December 20, 2012 12 minutes to midnight his search leads him to the top of Freedom Tower in New York City where he must choose between saving the world, himself, or a girl...Vox Anon presents The Unicorn Man.
The Unicorn Man is one man's struggle to realize his true identity before it is too late. Awaking during a surgical procedure to remove a tumor from his forehead+ that is rooted in the pineal gland he suffers total amnesia, violent flashbacks, and horrific premonitions. Pursued by high ranking captors of church science and military who seek the treasured content of his forehead he escapes...
12 minutes to midnight, December 20th, 2012 after rescuing Evee, a vision of beauty, they flee to the rooftop of freedom tower New York City. Suffering from amnesia and believing that he is the Wormwood Star (Rev 8:10,11) predicted to fall and cause a third of the earth's water to become bitter he must decide what is reality or destiny. Reading journals maps and calendars strapped across his chest he remembers everything. Everything but his own name...
...given how apropos that is, I'm going to put this under the rarely-used "verified" tag.
By this point the attacks had drained me out of the circumstance and most of my view had become blackness. But I could somehow still speak to the girls and see their faces, as shadowy holographic figures seated around a low table. I was on the floor with my hands on the table's surface.
They motioned at a simple plastic pen on the table, and I handed it to them...noticing they all had pencils stuck behind their ear. Girl #1 traded me back the pencil, and then they began gesturing like they were going to poke me in the hand. I laid my hand flat on the table.
me: "I'm sure it will hurt, but go ahead."
With a somewhat tentative gesture they took the pen and began poking it at my hand. They seemed rather shocked that I let them do this. Somehow they thought this proved something and began seeming to have regret for the earlier attacks. Before we could discuss this further, they became startled at an animated rabbit that entered the room and began chasing them.
I wanted to help stop the rabbit and other things that began chasing them, since they had been talking to me fairly nicely after the attack. So I started attacking with the pencil but realized that the point of view had shifted. For no obvious reason I thought that I'd awoken and watching a cartoon on my roommate's projection screen.
Attacking the screen with the pencil that I had, I tried to stop the enemies of the girls, but it seemed to have no effect (beyond making marks on the screen). I began to stress that my roommate would think I'd gone insane and was destroying his screen.
Complex equations and bar charts with names of people I know on it flew by. It was almost like looking at stock data--that certain people were "up" and certain ones were down. When I saw my name on a bar I saw it was aligned with the top of something, and at first I thought it had a grade on it (of "F"). I grabbed the screen with my hands and managed to push it backwards to read.
Type: Radio
Rating: 100% (You have always been)
Filtering through I saw other people's names had other types, though I don't remember them--I was the only "Radio" I saw. My roommate and a friend of his filed into the room and sat down. Looking at them and the pencil, I had a realization.
me: "Okay, I'm a bit disappointed I'm not awake yet. For a minute there I thought I'd materialized a pencil out of the dream world and into physical reality."
friend: "You're learning about a lot of things you never knew you could do."
me: "Sort of. I feel like I'm on the edge of discovering some major realization, and I keep wondering when it's going to come to my doorstep and I'll actually wake up and have proof. But I've started to worry that it won't be so profound and that I've been hiding my awareness of what things are like for a reason."
friend: "It's pretty amazing how well you confront it now, you've done so much."
me: "What? I haven't done anything!!"
roommate: "Your invention with the word ordering, that was foundational."
me: "What word ordering?"
roommate: "From the game, the one set in the future, where drugs had won the drug war."
me: "You've got to be thinking of someone else."
friend: "No that was you--your time was right there on the cusp of the long tail, those issues were just surfacing."
Note I wondered if "Long Tail" had some use in terms of history description...like "The Singularity". Though you find the terms in some of the same documents, it's an economic and statistics term coined by someone at Wired. Although Wikipedia mentions "In military thinking, John Robb applies the Long Tail to the developments in insurgency and terrorist movements, showing how technology and networking allows the Long Tail of disgruntled groups and criminals to take on the nation state and have a chance to win."
Our conversation continued as I wandered into the kitchen, there were a lot of people there. Including three girls in a corner who I identified, perhaps incorrectly, as the three I had been dealing with earlier.
me: "Okay, whatever is going on here--why is it that it is possible to bring me here but not to keep me here for...say...a full 24 hours to explore and analyze?"
girl one: (to girl #2) "Hey... you know what might help him, an upper pocket. Do you still have one of those?"
me: "A what?"
girl two: "I can go look and see."
She left to look for whatever an upper pocket was, and I continued on about things that needed solving.
me: "Also, my teeth. I'm in a lot of pain, they're in bad shape."
Girl #1 looked in my mouth and observed them. They felt like they were misshapen and swollen to strange disparate sizes, jostling loosely around at all angles.
girl one: "We could remove them."
me: "Can't you fabricate artificial teeth?"
girl one: "That's not efficient."
me: "They're also necessary for talking. If you're making sound waves and not doing it telepathically or something...the tongue hits the teeth. We have something called Dentures, maybe those would suffice. Anything but this."
In my attempt to find a computer on which to look up dentures and buckling under increasing tooth pain, I awoke.
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