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Throw it On Your "Roof"

Date: 4-Sep-2009/11:28+3:00

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Characters: magician, me, blue face one, blue face two, blue face three

I was in a cramped playhouse where some kind of strange, loud performance was going on. There was a mechanism by which the tiny stage--only big enough for a couple of people--could replace itself by rotating around vertically. This place was also a hotel, and I was not feeling very well...so I wandered away from the show and into my room.
There was a computer in the room and it had some kind of work on it. The woman who owned the hotel came to my room and wanted to talk to me about something. Several other people seemed to want to have a conversation, including the contact information for people I know in real life.
A man in a magician's outfit approached me.
magician: "I'd really like to work with you, but I'm not sure if your magic and my magic are really the same style..."
me: "Oh? Is that right?"
Feeling that the playhouse was cramped, I somehow--using my mind was able to telekinetically rebuild it in place. At first what I put together did not properly utilize the full space of the lot the playhouse was on... and some of the exit doors didn't properly align with paths or neighboring businesses. So I did some adjustments which seemed to cause some cracks at the intersections of the walls and ceiling. The floors in the entryway where mostly white with some blue gradient.
magician: (amazed and excited) "Well THAT is a great style!"
My view transitioned to a third-person perspective of people with blue-painted faces--perhaps at a much later time--who were looking at the playhouse from outside.
blue face one: "This was done by one of us..."
blue face two: "Not just one of us, this was done by our master."
blue face three: (snarling) "No master of mine would do that here."
This was followed by a sequence where they (and some non-blue-faced people) were attempting to use giant cans of what looked like turpentine to pour on other people. They used human-sized containers which looked like this to me:
It seemed to cause burning, like an acid. I was around for some of the attempted attacks, but managed to evade them. A woman who was ineptly trying to attack me was wielding a can I could see had a more Arabic style. It seemed like it was a weapon being disguised as a product for home improvement.
Note There was some phrase on it like "Throw it on your roof". Beyond context, I felt like I knew there was some hint in that phrase which was code suggesting you were supposed to throw it on a particular kind of person. For instance, that witches were stereotyped as being on your roof, so that's why you'd be throwing it there--not as a weather sealant/etc.
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