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Umur Umai and Mr. Incredible

Date: 13-Feb-2014/5:00+3:00

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Characters: me, mr incredible, clown doll, green cat

I was at some kind of indoor setting which had oddly shaped rooms with different size ceilings that were connected. A guy dressed in a mask and cape who had a superhero look like "Mr. Incredible" was talking to me.
me: "This is pretty impressive, usually in dreams I don't talk to the same people more than once. But now I think you've become the most frequent to appear! Hm, well, maybe not the most... but the most vs. the appearance of someone I know in waking life."
Note I don't know what I was talking about, here. It was a feeling I had in the shifted perception of the dream that we had encountered each other many times, but certainly nothing I've documented or recall now that I'm awake.
mr incredible: (smirking) "Well it helps that I'm immortal and invincible, you're bound to run into me more than a few times."
He grabbed me and took me toward another room where he started swinging me around like he was trying to get me to ballroom dance with him.
me: (upset) "Um, hey. Stop! I'll wake up."
He seemed to get nervous about some small bubble-shaped robots that were around us in the room.
mr incredible: (nervous) "Hey, we can't be moving around so fast. Step very slowly, they've gotten on alert."
We began to try and walk very slowly around the robots, but they followed us. One grazed my heel and I got a bit of a shock. I walked ahead of him and into the next room, and heard a zapping noise and saw a light flash. Turning around I saw him laying on his stomach, with his face upturned and a cartoon-like expression of unconsciousness or death. (Tongue hanging out, eyes crossed.)
From around the corner I watched to see what would happen next. His body began to shrink and reform, eventually becoming a small child-like clown doll. The clown doll got up and walked over and addressed me.
clown doll: "Guess you aren't so impressed with my powers anymore?"
me: "I get my butt kicked all the time in these dream scenarios, and wake up and never see anything else. So being able to recover in any form at all is pretty impressive. Don't worry about it. I'd rather just know what's going on."
clown doll: "Well, now it's my turn. Watch this."
The clown had grown a bit and somehow commandeered a car or tricycle of some kind. He managed to find some flat surface to drive into so the front of the car became like a snow-plow. Using the improvised plow, he rounded up the robots that had been attacking us and smashed them into the wall.
When he was done and back to his previous superhero form, he took me to where I could see some kind of terminal or other device I don't recall too well. I was able to browse around various profiles and pick what I wanted to watch.
The first thing I saw was his profile, which was sort of a mix of a D&D character sheet or Facebook profile. There was a slot for "lifetime" and his said "immortal (in this zone)". I watched an animation which was outlining what life was like for him being immortal, and how he dispensed justice.
His methods of fighting crime involved basically coming up with twisted ways of smashing villains, resulting in some kind of invention as a process of their disfigurement. One case where he took a giant tank of soda water and dropped it on a criminal somehow wound up inventing Pepsi. In other cases, he would simply take credit for things he hadn't done but believe that he'd done it. Still, the mocking video was done in such a way as if it were a tribute to a great hero.
The video moved on to talking about a generically-evil looking guy with a beard in a military outfit named "Umar Umai". I was transcribing everything onto some kind of digital notepad as I went along, and I went back and kept trying to make sure I got the name right. Having checked this many times, I decided to move on.
Umar Umai's list of villainies was long and exaggerated. It got to a point of saying that there's only one person who knows where Jimmy Hoffa is buried, and that's Umar Umai... tacking on the explanation that if only one person knows, that must have been who buried him. It listed another person who was apparently famous and went missing, and blamed it on him as well.
Note The gist I carried away was that Umar Umai couldn't have done these things, and was no more a villain than this Mr. Incredible was a hero. He was being vilified for how he looked and his foreign name. Could be wrong.
At a midpoint of trying to get everything written down, I looked up and found that I was wearing headphones and in an environment that looked very much like a hallway at an airport. There were lots of people around, display panels, payphones on the wall. For a moment I took the headphones off and considered asking the other people around if they could hear the narration to help prove I wasn't crazy...then I decided that given it was a dream and I hadn't woken up in bed then that served no purpose.
I looked around on the terminal for a while longer until my ability to stay in the environment faded, and I got into some kind of encounter with a green cat with large yellow eyes. The encounter led me to wake up in bed, with the cat seated next to me.
me: "Hmmm. Well, this has transitioned into something much closer to being "awake". But I can tell by the nature of things I am not. Do you know Umar Umai?"
The green cat was reclining...seated, and leaning up against the back of the bed. It shuffled and looked a bit annoyed but began to speak.
green cat: "Yes, we hung out a long time ago. But we stopped. I would say that we are not friends anymore."
me: "Are there any humans around here, if I were to get out of bed and walk through the door?"
green cat: "No, there were no human eggs in this zone, so there can't be any."
me: "Here we go with the "eggs" again. Okay, so if there are no eggs in a zone, then a certain kind of thing can't be there? Like you can only be in a zone where an egg is hatched? I'm here. And I just saw you in the previous dream frame, would that be a different "zone"? If it's possible to move, how is it done?"
green cat: (frowning) "With great and complex trickery. And I don't think explaining how it works with you--here and now--is going to put our minds in a healthy place."
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