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Neo Alert - *someone else* having a freaky experience I get to recount

Date: 2-Oct-2006/4:40+3:00


Characters: me, her

I had an experience talking to a woman who was in a trance for about an hour. She is 28 years old and I know her reasonably well...she entered this state rather unexpectedly. I started out getting some unusual statements, although the scenario became much more "textbook" once I started probing directly for information (e.g. "How old are you?")
She had regressed to a 13-year-old state, and seemed mostly unaware of events in her future life. She did somehow know that certain family members had died. I asked about where news of these items came from:
me: "Where does this news come from...who told you about these deaths?"
her: "The sky. It comes from the sky, and I hear it. Like how you are talking to me."
I tried to get her to describe what was around her and what she could see. All she could say was that she was in a desert looking at plants and couldn't remember how she got there. She was facing the plants and behind her was a road...her back was turned and she was afraid of the road. I eventually persuaded her to look at it; and she commented that it was new fresh asphalt. She credited this new road as being the reason we could talk...and that I was with the people who built the "road". Despite being able to look around at her feet and such, she was otherwise completely immobile, which I tried to get her unstuck from but could not.
If you like hypnotherapy regression transcripts or find them fascinating, you'd probably find the whole thing to be interesting. But it's some personal details I don't want to share in this public a forum. I was really buzzed about it while it was going on--especially since it seemed like she was going to keep going indefinitely--but now that it's over it mostly just seems like questions I could have just asked her while awake about her childhood that she could have answered suitably.
But that makes the exceptions to the "mundane" historical delving all the more interesting. This was the kicker for me:
me: "Do you know what the internet is?"
her: "No."
me: "It's a way for computers to talk to each other. Do you have a computer?"
her: "There are computers at school."
me: "What kind of computers? Who makes them?"
her: "They've got the rainbow apple on them."
me: "Are they Apple ]['s?"
her: "Yes. You have to put the disk in them and there's a latch and you turn it down."
me: "These days we still have Apples but they're much fancier. Skinny and flat and you can carry them around with you. They run something called OS/X."
her: "I don't care very much about computers. But I've heard of Neo."
me: "You have? Where did you hear of Neo?"
her: "It was on the Radio. It was a warning."
me: "What kind of warning?"
her: "A Neo Alert."
me: "What is a Neo Alert?"
her: "It's like a Tornado Warning."
me: "That sounds like a bad thing. Is Neo bad?"
her: "I don't think so."
me: "Well tornados are bad."
her: "I don't know, I've never seen one."
me: "Generally people see tornados as destroying valuable things, like their car or their home, and hurting people...without doing any real good at all. That sounds bad. What do people think that Neo does?"
her: "He's like, you'll be using a computer, and he'll punch a hole in the screen to reach you."
me: "Well, where I'm from Neo is a character in a movie called 'The Matrix'. Some people where I am from believe that The Matrix is a real thing, and that the movie is a way of telling the story."
her: "I haven't heard of that movie."
me: "Have you heard of the Bible?"
her: "Yes."
me: "Have you read it?"
her: "I tried to, I didn't understand it."
me: "Well, to understand something you really have to be speaking the same language as the person who you are talking to. You say you aren't that interested in computers, but The Matrix is a way of explaining some important ideas to people who already know something about computers. Since you like drama and plays, it might be better to explain these ideas with Shakespeare than with computers...you'd be more interested."
her: "The story of Neo is like the story of Jesus."
me: "They sure tried to draw parallels between the two, especially in the third Matrix movie. I didn't particularly like that part. But I think there are lots of stories about people who could see a little more than the people they were talking to, and who try to teach but end up caught in some kind of war. Do you know a singer called Leonard Cohen?"
her: "No."
me: "Well Leonard Cohen has a song in which he says 'and Jesus was a sailor, when he walked upon the water'. The way I interpret this is as if because people didn't know what boats were, and didn't see the boat...but it was there. they were amazed and just used the wrong language to describe his walking on the water. Again, just a metaphor."
Certainly the person I know--aged 28--did not grow up listening to Neo alerts on the radio. She has little interest in the Matrix as a movie, although she's seen it.
One of the issues with supposed "channeling" is that the channel can be noisy. You can ask a question and not know where it's going to be answered in the chain. In this case, I may have been able to "bridge" a conversation to something that could connect with a moment in this girl's life 15-years-ago, and so I was speaking to a hybrid consciousness. And maybe at least one of those consciousnesses really lives in a world where a Neo hacker is active...
In a certain context, the matrix can be made to appear real. For instance, if someone were raised glued into the environment of The Matrix Online.
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