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Spitting Children

Date: 25-Oct-2006/9:24+3:00

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Characters: me, dad

I was in the kitchen at my grandmother's house, and spitting little seed-like things out of my mouth that kept reappearing. Because the lighting was bad I couldn't see if they were alive and moving on their own like bugs, but I was concerned that they might be. So I kept trying to get better light to look at them.
Eventually I decided the more important question was whether I was dreaming or not, so I walked around the house until I satisfied myself that I was. Finding my Dad, I began to question.
me: "What are these seeds that are showing up in my mouth?"
dad: "Those are your children. You should save some of them to help you with writing letters."
Note I don't know if he meant they'd help in forming letters of the alphabet, or in composing longer correspondence.
He zipped off far away...towards some kind of mountain. This made me furious, and I decided to chase after him. Bounding and flying willfully I was rather determined to catch him--and rather than try to go over the mountain I decided to go right through it. I conjured a door in the mountain, leading into a dark tunnel, and then I conjured a torch to light my way.
When I finally caught him, I challenged him with more questions that I don't quite remember. I began asking other people around what kind of tricks I could use to stay in the dream and not wake up, and they weren't helpful so I did.
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