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Meta Cameras and Meta Conclusions

Date: 26-Sep-2006/15:26+3:00

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One extended part of a dream had a very horrifying third person perspective of watching machines taking over and imprisoning humanity. These were not very sophisticated robots--just small devices that were little more than gurneys and strollers into which humans had been strapped and could no longer move.
These robots looked a bit like the makeshift robot that somehow gets the upper hand in the movie Demon Seed:
...although they were even more skeletal, almost as if they were built on RepRap technology:
...and the understanding I was being given of watching this scene unfold was that the machines were doing this not out of any particular hatred of humanity. It was rather a slavish literal interpretation of a mission to protect humanity, they concluded this was the best way to keep humans safe from themselves--to protect them in feeding-tube type systems.
The cameras which were used to monitor captured humans were called META CAMERAS. Every captured human was given the middle name of META. And the interviews which formed the basis of the machines decisions were called META CONCLUSIONS.
Note I love the word META, so it's kind of like when the Nazis took the swastika as their logo...ruining a perfectly good symbol.
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