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Ashamed to Have Two Shoulders

Date: 27-Dec-2005/5:28+3:00

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Characters: friend, me, doctor, girl

I had a dream where I was rambling in a semi-nonsensical nature to a male friend. He hugged me.
friend: "I don't want to lose you."
Becoming lucid of the dream environment, I headed down a hallway. Though the hallway seemed institutional, the rooms I was looking into seemed fairly normal bedrooms with non-hospital decor. No one was in the beds.
The first room I found looked like an office, and there was a guy who looked kind of doctor-ish inside.
me: "Excuse me, is this a hospital?"
He looked at me as if I had asked him a dumb question, and I asked him dumb questions all the time.
doctor: (irked) "I don't have time, Richie. I'm busy."
Note I noticed that the more I looked at him directly in the eyes, the closer I was to waking up. So I had to keep my glance averted.
Walking in circles, I tried to focus and de-escalate any conflict...while still getting more information.
me: "I'm sorry to ask stupid questions. It's just that I'm having some problems with my memory right now. Please...if you could answer...it would really help me."
doctor: (relaxing) "Yes. This is a hospital. It is a place to get over your addictions."
me: "How many patients are being treated here?"
doctor: "There are 40 on this floor."
me: "Is my presence here voluntary or involuntary?"
doctor: "It is voluntary, but you have been here for five years."
me: "If I've been here for five years, I must have some serious problem not being solved. What is it?"
doctor: "Your main problem is that you hear voices."
me: "Oh. Voices is it? Ah, well, I suppose that would make sense."
Note This struck me as humorous, because of course in this scenario--I'd be the voice! Having some sympathy for Richie, I decided not to leave my transdimensional calling card so he wouldn't appear any crazier than he already might.
me: "Well I think I'm feeling a bit better about those voices these days. Thanks for all the information."
Then I walked out of the room. A few people passed me in the hall, including a girl who saw me and ran up to me.
girl: "Are you ashamed to have two shoulders?"
Confused, I just sort of paused until I noticed that she was missing an arm.
me: (hedging) "Ummm...uh...yes?"
girl: (enthusiastic) "Well I'm not!!!"
I picked her up in a playful manner and awoke shortly thereafter.
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