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Banned Retail App for iPhone

Date: 5-Jan-2009/17:31+3:00

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Characters: hacker, me

I was speaking to someone about how Apple had banned an application from the iPhone which was made by a retail outlet I used to work for. This person worked for a company that hacked around limitations when Apple would disable programs so that they could still run.
hacker: "Usually what we do is that we can use scripting on a less protected page in a domain. If Apple trusts the other domain, but that domain has the ability to inject user content... we can move a lot of stuff in there. But we have to be careful not to make too big a spike in the bandwidth for any one site."
me: "Interesting. So you mean like when someone who runs a site like Google.com and then lets users create an iframe in a sub-URL, and that one steals the password because the browser assumes both pages were by the same person."
hacker: "Yes, like that, but we're proxying content to get around it. But we can't unblock this app for some reason, they've locked it out. Doesn't make sense, it just sells supplements to body builders. It barely uses the network."
Note I had an instinctual feeling that the reason this app was banned was specifically connected to me. What I began to sense was that the reason this application was banned because its existence would prove my existence.
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