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Blocked by The Light

Date: 12-Aug-2008/10:54+3:00

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Characters: me, voice, text

There was a long dream segment, where I was in some kind of garden and talking to people. But I kept having to use the restroom. So I found one.
I was concerned that urinating in the dream might equate to wetting the bed in waking life, but decided to do it anyway. But once I started, I couldn't really stop. As I tried to get up I covered the bathroom with pee, and I was concerned the dream beings would be mad and not want to invite me back. So I thought about finding a dream mop... I wasn't sure WHAT to do about it all.
But I seemed to awake, and was reading a dream journal describing the parallels between my dream and someone else's. The other dreamer was also in a garden, and we had done some kind of lining up of our relative experiences. We'd done this correlation on a site called "TheConnection".
Note Obviously in waking life I am able to find many things called "The Connection" on Google--ranging from Christian groups to "Louisville's Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Complex". Few use the sytlization of no space when their name is not a domain name. Nothing to do specifically with dreaming.
Clicking through to read the guy's blog, I saw him talking about me--and saying that he was a lot more stable in his presence than I had been. The blog had a strange scrolling format, going sideways, and it seemed to keep moving toward the center. I tried to guide the scroll bar to the far left so I could read the first page but no luck. There was a photo-realistic animated dog who would run along the pages as you navigated. I read the title bar and it said "athletic fandom".
My point of view shifted to a giant number of screens. In one, there was an AIM session which had listed some contacts, one of which was "God". I felt little confidence that would put me in touch with God, but I typed into it:
me: "Needs help."
I could hear mocking voices coming from somewhere, they sounded like teenagers. Annoying New Jersey type accents, too. Wherever this was coming from, it wasn't a textual reply on the screen with the messenger.
voice: "Ha ha ha, 'needs help'."
Upset, I panned my field of view to another one with another messenger, and began to type something more menacing. But when I tried to hit enter, something overwrote what I tried to type. It said, instead:
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