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The Body Part Search Engine

Date: 15-Sep-2007/13:07+3:00

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I was in a room talking to a designer. He was speaking as if being interviewed about how he felt he'd really founded a new school of thought. While he talked, he was assembling little things like looked like jacks (the toy) onto the surface of a sphere. On a white-board there were diagrams of arcs and circles combined in a way that he felt was particularly harmonious.
His name was "Chris Kiddidits," and I had a false awakening where I began searching for him on Google. When I found out that I wasn't actually awake yet, I began looking at the mysterious sections this dream Google had, and I somehow found myself in a "body parts" search.
I tried to type to get out of that and into the main search, but my fingers weren't on the keyboard--they were touching the screen. As I tried to type, my fingers would reach down into the windows and through the screen into the actual body parts. One of my fingers were landing across someone's armpits and chest. There was a mouth that bit me, and I was being poked at--it was scary.
Note Although an image search engine with "Safe Search" disabled might show you some pictures that are objectionable, a 3D object search engine without safety sounds pretty dangerous.
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