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A Channeling Faux-Paus in Bed

Date: 15-Sep-2007/13:05+3:00

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Characters: her, me

I was laying on a bed with a girl who was dismantling an audio device. There was some sort of cassette or tape inside which she believed had been altered to make the person on the recording say something entirely different than what they'd actually said. Hearing the voice of the person talking I asked if he was a comedian.
her: "No, he's a country singer."
She went to kiss me, and then stopped.
her: "Sometimes I wonder if you want to be with me."
me: "Well, um, I don't necessarily know who you are. Or who I am. What's my name?"
She correctly gave my first name.
me: "What's your name?"
her: "What do you mean you don't know my name?!"
me: "I mean I don't. You need to tell me, and I'll remember"
her: "Stephanie!"
Note she might have actually said Stepharie.
me: "I don't want you to be mad at whoever you think should know your name, because he might be just channeling my thoughts..."
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