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Delmont's White Cherries

Date: 15-Sep-2007/13:00+3:00

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Characters: me, him

Text started showing up, like closed captioning, on the bottom of a computer monitor. I would say what I wanted to ask out loud, and the text would respond. Then someone would start browsing to show me things, but everything was going by way too fast.
me: "I'm sorry, I can't read this. Can you slow down?"
He showed me a movie preview on a video website for "Tower of Terror 2". I simulated a falling motion in the dream to try and communicate back that I'd been on the original Tower of Terror at Disneyland.
me: "Have you ridden on the Tower of Terror 1?"
him: "Yes."
He browsed to some of his design portfolio of T-shirts and graphics which were being hosted on something called "WhiteCherries.com".
Note 'White Cherries' appears to be used in a couple of places as slang for women with very pale skin.
me: "Can you give me any email addresses or contact information?"
Suddenly I was blitzed with an unreasonable amount of text that I could not read, but my view flipped to a web page with things like FAQs "10 things about me". The name on the FAQ page was Delmont, he was an undergraduate at Princeton.
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