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But it's a Real Dumpster

Date: 25-Jan-2010/16:28+3:00

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Characters: me, skeptical guy, math guy, black man

I was in an area with people who seemed to be dressed and speaking in an old-fashioned style. While inquiring with a woman who resembled someone I knew, we got in a discussion about identity. The impression people were giving me was that I was a young child--this woman's son. They were very surprised at the vocabulary I was using.
me: "I don't have long. But if there's anything you want to know...ask. In my time we've got a lot of things figured out."
A man approached me with a question about the flow of salt concentrations in the Nile, which apparently was a mystery to them. He suggested the surprising result could also be demonstrated with salt in cups of water.
me: "Geology and chemistry aren't really my areas of expertise. But pretty much most anything that could be demonstrated with salt and cups of water is probably within our abilities to explain. Just not mine at the moment. Next?"
I pointed at the man next to him, who was irritated and skeptical.
skeptical guy: "I wonder how you all are listening to this seven year old child, the son of a fisherman's wife, on matters of science...it nyes me..."
me: "You're wasting this opportunity to communicate. In other news we don't use nye as a word like that, so I don't even know what you mean."
Note I got a clear impression that it was written as "nye" and not "nigh". I don't remember his exact usage.
I noticed someone was pulling out a math book.
me: "I'm not a mathematician either. But I can give you some news. The Poincare conjecture was solved recently, anyone heard of that?"
The guy with the math book approached me.
math guy: "How did they resolve the local infinities?"
Note He asked a question like that which I didn't really understand.
me: "I'm afraid I don't know much about it, but there was something about mapping these local anomalies into larger spaces to untangle them. The bigger popular interest story was that the guy who solved it won a million dollar prize and didn't accept it. He used the opportunity to criticize mathematics culture for being dishonest."
Things defocused and I was looking at a black man, who seemed to be speaking directly at me. He was standing in front of a fence, by what seemed to be a waterfront. There was a large green dumpster.
black man: "Hold up a second. Before you start getting ideas and putting together ad campaigns for time travel suits etc... let me show you something. The wardens of this particular Jurassic Park put the people who ruin their fun here, in this fake dumpster."
A sing-song voice chimed in after him.
...but it's a reeeal dump-ster...!
It was followed by an audio clip of a laugh track.
Note Seems he was warning I was simply hooking into a "Matrix" that coexists with ours...though it may be technology, it was not anything that bent the laws of time. Also that there wasn't any particularly humane method of restricting the flow of information into that Matrix--people were simply killed and the bodies disposed of. Don't know whether he meant that was by frightened peers a la witch burnings, or targeted assassination by some Matrix-aware Illuminati...
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