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Cuckolding and Cod-Steppers

Date: 26-Nov-2005/21:52+3:00

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While browsing my user profile on Wikipedia, I noticed that this rather strange phrase was entered in the middle of it:
I much prefer a cuckolding to a cod-stepper was vandalously edited into one of my webpages.
Note Though it's not a word used much in the modern vernacular, I do know that "cuckolding" to refer to the idea of a man who is cheated upon or otherwise humiliated in a relationship.
Even though I couldn't entirely understand it, I took this as an insult. Unfamiliar with the phrase "cod-stepper"--and still in the dream--I attempted to look it up in the dictionary. There was a result, and it was something like this:
cod-stepper - noun - an unwise or unsound business proposition (Ex: "I invested $20,000 in electronic bagels. What a cod-stepper that was!")
After doing a few more searches I awoke.
Note There's no definition for cod-stepper, but each component is a word. A 'stepper' is a term for a professional and/or fast dancer. And 'cod' refers to the fish, the cape in Massachusetts, and "Cash On Delivery"). Cod is also an archaic slang term for testicles...and a synonym for the verb for "fool" or hoax.
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