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That's Terrible

Date: 7-Nov-2005/22:37+3:00

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Characters: me, her

I was able to exercise some amount of control over my dreams, and it was impressive given the number of attractive women I was with. One conversation caught my attenion.
me: (affectionately) "I don't know if I deserve this."
Note What I meant was that she was pretty, and I hadn't really done anything to warrant intimacy, as I had sorta just materialized there.
She stopped moving and laid down on me. I continued.
me: "Well, sometimes I feel like I do deserve it. But sometimes I don't. I've been questioning myself a lot lately."
her: "That's terrible."
Note I interpreted it as a response to my self-doubt, as opposed to a commentary on my dream-based love-making technique. Could be wrong.
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