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Dungeons and Dragons and Character Modeling

Date: 7-Nov-2005/9:25+3:00

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Characters: odd guy, skinny black man, me, young guy

I walked through a sliding glass door into a room where I found a computer at a desk.
There was an account name called "M. Holden", and I got the impression that was whose computer it was.
Knowing I was in a "dream" I was surprised to find that reading the screen was easy. There were no letters shifting or changing, even under scrutiny. Though I was having a bit of trouble with the mouse I managed to 'will', things to happen and they awkwardly did.
This computer wasn't a Mac or a PC, though in a task management sense it had more in common with a Mac...as if it were configured with hokey third-party extensions. There was a start Menu, but it bottomed out quickly. When you'd click on "Painting" or "Character Modeling" and it would bring up a screen full of gaudy rotating icons, each representing a program. I picked "Character Modeling".
The program ran with a gray background and several groups of black rectangles with words on them. They were supposed to be switches you could select...a fairly simple interface to filling out a form. You could check off characteristics: Male, Female, a bunch of other qualities that I don't quite remember...it was very D&D. Somehow the monitor's screen fragmented into my hand, like a piece of paper I could tap with my fingers.
I was surprised to see such a physically amazing interface transition tied to a an unremarkable UI that didn't best our current state of the art, like Poser:
...and possibly lagging a bit behind it.
All the characters were very D&D nerdy. Knights with axes, things like that...nothing that would suggest that someone as mundane as myself would be a 'character' in their game. There was a binder sitting by the desk, and in it was an amateur graphic novel penned on notebook paper, so I flipped through it.
While I was reading, an odd guy who looked like Gilbert Godfrey stepped in front of me by the sliding glass door.
odd guy: "You shouldn't be looking at that."
He grabbed my hand and pierced it--but I didn't see a weapon, it was seemingly just using his own hand. It was a very painful kind of pinch--which has often been used in attacks against my side--and that usually knocks me out of dreaming and into a waking state. It hurt.
Somehow I managed to get in a mind-over-matter state, deciding I could put up with a bit of pain. I decided to take this guy on, and I pushed the darkness back to put myself into the room and resist him. He was still there.
odd guy: "This fight...the human contact. It simply cannot go on anymore."
Note At first I thought he was baiting me, by saying that I wasn't able to fight anymore. Then I realized he was saying that he had some kind of problem and was losing the fight now that I was launching my vicious attack.
He looked scared, and I chased him out the door a little bit. Feeling puffed and victorious, I then noticed that he he wasn't necessarily running from me--a big black guy had emerged from the house and was standing in the doorway behind me. Another skinnier black guy came up the walk towards me and the house, and dispensed with my attacker. We embraced and went inside.
skinny black man: "Don't listen to anything he said, that man is a criminal."
me: "Well thank you very much, I'm...I'm learning a lot here. And I feel good about it."
The skinny black man guided me back to the computer and suggested that I do whatever I felt like. It occurred to me to see if there was any technology I could pick up--good ideas to take with me when awake, as I was relatively lucid. But I ingored the computer and decided to talk to the people in the room.
me: "Clearly there's something about simulated reality going on here, but I better just ask you guys what the deal is. Am I a D&D character?"
A young guy who looked a bit like Seth Green was seated on a beanbag chair. He first glanced at everyone, then at me, and paused.
young guy: (seriously) "It's...complicated."
I was prepared to hear a long story but mysteriously woke up, painlessly and with no visible attacker.
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